DRIZA BONE Riding Coat

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The genuine Oilskin Driza-Bone Riding Coat is an action coat, generously cut to allow plenty of movement especially across the back and shoulders. Its traditional wearers were often on horseback so the reinforced elbow patches on the coats are strategically placed on the inside of the elbows, preventing the pools of rain which naturally form there, from seeping in. The coat is long enough so the rain wont run into your boots, and also has leg straps to stop your Driza-Bone from flying around in the wind.

Sleeves are extra long for greater movement with adjustable wrist tabs to hold them in place, and seams are heavy duty double stitched in areas of greatest stress. The cut of the cape is specifically designed to protect the body just where it is most exposed to rain and cold. The fantail at the back allows for greater leg room without sacrificing rain protection, and the large pockets with flaps keep valuables protected. Dettachable hood available as an addition if required.

The Riding Coat is made from Driza-Bones traditional 100% cotton heavyweight oilskin which is one of our strongest and toughest fabrics. The fabric is treated with a natural paraffin wax to protect from the elements. When used in a garment, the oil finish absorbs into the thread and seams, giving added weather protection.

The Riding Coat is lined in our striped Driza-Bone cotton twill, which is both attractive and sturdy, to endure heavy wear along with the Oilskin outer.

Made in Australia.

FABRICATION: OUTER 100% cotton oilskin LINING 100% cotton twill