Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program

Re-Workin' Gear - Clothing Recyvlnc Program

Did you know:

Australians buy almost 15 kilograms of clothing each and every year, and that at the other end of the textiles cycle, roughly 260,000 tonnes, or 10 kilograms per person, ends up in landfill each year.*

Workin’ Gear has developed the Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program to help our clients play an important role in combating the textile wastage issues in Australia.

Our program provides a full service recycling offering on a commercial fee for service basis. In many cases, the price to shred and recycle is cheaper than dumping to landfill.

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About Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program

Workin’ Gear is committed to providing businesses with an efficient, ethical and sustainable supply chain solution. And as such, has developed the Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program to help combat textile wastage issues in Australia, for situations where other “re-use” options aren’t available.

The program commenced in 2022 when we were working with some of our bigger Corporate clients and the ACT Government who were needing to dispose of significant volumes of old work uniforms - we got to thinking how they could get their old clothing gear Workin’ again, and better still how we could work together to divert the uniforms from going into landfill – and so Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program was born.

So far, our program has diverted over 60 pallets of old work uniforms from going direct to landfill. Instead, it’s put to good use in other ways including couch stuffing, carpet underlay, ceramics, roofing insulation and more.

It’s a win-win as the business can discard their obsolete workwear which is taking up space in their premises, and it stays out of the waste cycle being re-used for future generations.

How does Re-Workin’ Gear Clothing Recycling Program work?

Re-workin' Gear Program

Why do people need to dispose of uniforms?

  • End of garment life – the item has fulfilled its use.
  • End of employment – uniforms often need to be surrendered at termination of employment and cannot be re-used for hygiene reasons.
  • When organisations undertake a name or branding change.
  • When an organisation closes or merges with another company and ceases to exist.
  • When charity organisations are overwhelmed with clothing and face the challenges of “dumping” of unwanted / soiled or unsuitable clothing.

Why you shouldn’t send it to landfill or a charity bin

  • To protect the security of the uniform in the case where the uniform is for a very specific and secure role.
  • To protect the brand of the company as anyone could find it and wear it.
  • Many uniforms are unfit for re-sale as they are branded and deemed unsuitable.
  • You shouldn’t contribute to mounting landfill when there are recycling options available.
  • The disposal price to recycle the clothing is comparable to taking it to the rubbish dump or through a commercial waste contractor.
  • The charity faces the same problem of what to do with all of the unsuitable and unwanted clothing when they have exhausted all of their donation methods and the clothing can still end up in landfill.

How do you get involved?

Talk with us about your needs – the types of uniforms you want to recycle and how much you have on-hand. We will work together to ensure it’s diverted from landfill.

We will design your own in-house clothing recycling program and ensure that you have an easy-to-use process for your team to use.

What are the costs?

Every recycling undertaking is different, and we can provide you with an obligation-free quote.

We work with large 8-10 kilogram boxes and we will quote you for both the freight to Sydney and the cost of recycling per box.

As a rough guide only, 1 kilogram of workwear would equate to:

  • 3 pairs of overalls; OR
  • 6 hoodies; OR
  • 6 High-Vis vests.

The cost to undertake this process is often more cost effective than taking it to the rubbish dump. Plus, it’s gone, out of your way and ready to be used for future generations.

Want to know more? Get in touch today

Jeremy Archer, Workin’ Gear’s Managing Director

Ph: (02) 6280 5885


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