SHERPA Beanie Tenzing - Thinsulate (BTZ)

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Beanie Tenzing

Sherpa's beanie Tenzing incorporates modern Thinsulate technology with a classical design. Thanks to its 3M Thinsulate Insulation the beanie is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin and most of all automatically traps natural body heat, while allowing moisture to escape. For you this means a reliable beanie in cold conditions, protecting your head from wind chill and allowing enhanced breathability during periods of exertion. The lightweight nature of this beanie and innovative insulation also allows for quick dry properties, meaning your beanie will never let you down and will not absorb moisture while in the outdoors. The double fold at the base of the beanie not only displays style but serves as a extra layer of warmth around the ears, complementing the inner fleece lining for a soft touch against the skin. The Tenzing beanie offers superior durability with a 100% acrylic outer designed to withstand all conditions and with high performance stretch properties. Click here for more information on Thinsulate insulation. Further from its innovative technical features, Beanie Tenzing has a traditional, classic beanie style that never goes out of date. Its simply structure and solid colour basis makes these beanies a great option for branding purposes, sports team wear and trade/industry uniform. Available in black, navy, charcoal, berry and hi-vis there's a beanie for every school kid and trade worker. No matter the industry, purpose or environment this beanie will continue to perform under all conditions without any wear or tear and will keep you comfortable in the outdoors.

Beanie Features

  • Thinsulate insulation
  • Inner fleece lining provides superior softness and warmth against head whilst acrylic outer ensure durability and stretch
  • Turn-back cuff for added snugness around the ears
  • Variety of colours, including hi-vis for industrial workers
  • Unisex, adults size - One size fits all
  • Plain colour style - great for embroidery and school and sportswear

Hat Care

Machine wash. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean. Full details on care label.